The olive tree has been considered a blessed tree since antiquity. According to mythology the olive tree was a gift of goddess Athena to the city of Athens after she competed with the god Poseidon over who was to be the protector of the city. The Victorians goddess also gave her name to the city. The olive is a symbol of wisdom, health, peace and civilization. The trophies for the athletes who won in the Olympic games in antiquity were Daphne and a branch of olive tree.
Olive oil, rich in nutritional values is characterized by Homer as liquid gold with “magical properties”. Archaeological research has shown that the olive tree was cultivated all around the Mediterranean and especially in Greece where the Greeks considered it as their national tree. The Greeks were involved extensively in the commerce of olives and olive oil throughout the Mediterranean.
The area of Kalamata and the whole area of have been producing since antiquity olive oil, olives but also figs of exceptional quality taste and aroma. In the area grows a well-known type of olive tree named Koroneiki that produces one of the best olive oils of the world. The careful picking and the working out of these olives guarantee the top quality of this product.
The olive tree is been cultivated all throughout Messinia and makes the area famous in the whole world while it is the trademark of the city of Kalamata.